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Alpha Combo Rack

Alpha Combo Rack

Redefining Competition Equipment

The Arsenal Strength Alpha Combo Bench joins the line-up of the most dominating benches on the market. This unique Combo-style rack allows the user to perform an olympic bench press while the bench is in place. The bench is then easily rolled away to make room for olympic squats. The rolling J cups make for easy lateral movement of the bar while loaded, to prevent damage to the bar, even with heavy weight. The grip dot upholstery is ideal for performing competition movements and the Powerslide Face Savers offer an easier transition between lifts at powerlifting competitions. 

The Details make the difference

Lifting heavy shouldn’t stress the equipment, nor should competitors risk injury from awkward adjustments prior to doing their lift. The rolling J cups have castors built in, to provide easy side-to-side movement so that no matter how heavy the weight, neither the bar, the rack nor the lifter will be damaged in the process. This seemingly minimal detail makes a huge difference. 


Rolling J-Cups                                                                           Powerslide Facesavers


Better Transitions, Better Competitions

The rollaway bench makes it easy to remove after the bench press portion of competitions is complete. However, the locking mechanisms engage to provide maximum support. The spotter arms are also easily removed using the powerslide feature on our face savers. The Alpha Combo rack meets all the required competition specifications, while providing the elevated experience that Arsenal Strength is known for.

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