Arsenal Strength ALPHA SERIES Power Rack

Arsenal Strength ALPHA SERIES Power Rack




The dictionary defines ALPHA as one that expresses dominance and power within a group.  There is no better description for the newest addition to the Arsenal Strength equipment lineup. Enter the Arsenal Strength ALPHA series Power Racks.  Our new ALPHA series power racks shatter the norm.  Built with heavy duty 7 GAUGE STEEL uprights, laser cut for precision adjustability, these power racks are more than just another rack, they’re ALPHA. The ALPHA SERIES power racks come STANDARD with removable band pegs, dual upright bar storage, and a multiple grip pullup crossbar.  Built to take your gym’s power rack space to another level, Arsenal Strength’s ALPHA series stands alone.


Current ALPHA series lineup:

  • ALPHA series Half Rack
  • ALPHA series Multi Rack
  • ALPHA series Power Rack
  • ALPHA series Combo Rack
  • ALPHA series 6×8 Platform
  • ALPHA series 4×8 Platform


Available attachments include:

  • Spotter Stands
  • Dip Bar Attachment
  • Landmine Attachment
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Split Squat Roller Pad
  • Technique Trays
  • Bench Locking System
  • Platform Inserts
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