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Arsenal Strength Teams Up With Lift Life Foundation: Anderson Prep Academy

Arsenal Strength Teams Up With Lift Life Foundation: Anderson Prep Academy

Arsenal Strength Teams Up With Lift Life Foundation for Weight Room Renovation

Anderson Prep Academy


The rug was pulled out from under Anderson, Indiana, more than a decade ago when General Motors shuttered the plant that provided the community with its main source of jobs and income. Anderson is still trying to recover and create new opportunities for the students who are the town’s future.

One beacon of hope is Anderson Preparatory Academy, a charter school that uses a military mindset to shape young students’ lives and strives to develop the essential tools for their future success.

Most APA students come from low-income families, but as a charter school, APA receives significantly less state and local funding than traditional public schools. That lack of funding has left an essential part of the APA’s curriculum — fitness — at a disadvantage.

APA’s weight room was in ruins. The school didn’t have the funds to purchase new equipment so the only upgrades to the weight room have been makeshift items built from the staff and students. That put APA student athletes at a disadvantage, too — they are underdeveloped compared to rival schools.

On April 27, we revealed to the students and faculty of Anderson Prep a complete weight room makeover that we hope will make a huge impact on this deserving school. Not only is it a safe, state-of-the-art fitness facility, but students are surrounded by reminders of the value of hard work, pride, and teamwork. We were honored to help APA as they further their mission to develop students’ minds and bodies and truly enjoyed meeting such a special group of young people.


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