Every Gym Needs One: Reloaded Viking Press

Every Gym Needs One: Reloaded Viking Press

In recent years, the fitness industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in boutique gyms, experiencing a staggering growth rate of over 121% between 2013 and 2017. This expansion shows no signs of slowing down, with the industry now valued at nearly $50 billion. One of the draws to this type of workout experience is the availability of specialty equipment for individual goals, such as the Arsenal Strength Reloaded Viking Press.


Traditionally, this powerful piece of machinery appears in "Strong Man" training gyms and competitions, as it is an incredibly effective movement for achieving strong, aesthetic shoulders that are desired in the bodybuilding and Strong Man communities. However, our take on this power lift has proven to be one of our most popular pieces. Take a look at why this machine is solidifying its place in the gym space.


Why the Viking Press is a Game Changer |A Powerful Compound Movement


The Reloaded Viking Press activates multiple muscle groups and joints as you perform the dip, drive, and press movements. This powerful exercise is similar to a shoulder press, specifically targeting the three deltoid heads. The anterior deltoid is the primary focus, while the medial and posterior deltoids act as stabilizers. Additionally, locking out each repetition engages the triceps. For those who prefer a push press style, utilizing your legs for the dip and drive generates momentum and allows for heavier weights, all while maintaining stability with your core. It's a dynamic and effective movement that maximizes strength-building potential and optimizes your time at the gym.


Effectively, this turns the movement into a synergistic, full-body exercise that employs the kinetic chain. Utilizing the arms, legs, and core simultaneously creates a functional movement that will aid in lifting the heaviest weights. Selecting compound exercises like this maximizes your time at the gym and builds strength in the most effective way possible!


The viking press movement

The Arsenal Strength Reloaded Viking press offers options previously not offered for this movement. With the 13 different placements for the handles, this versatility blows all other Viking Presses out of the water. Instead of having to use different attachments and pieces of equipment the Reloaded Viking Press allows the user to target muscle groups effectively. 

The Viking Shoulder Press exercise primarily targets the deltoid muscles, specifically the anterior deltoids. By using the Viking Press, you can perform a smooth and controlled shoulder press movement, effectively building strength and size in your shoulders. The adjustable handles allow you to find the most comfortable position and target the deltoids with precision.

This piece of equipment also provides the foundation for the Viking Push Press. Similar to the shoulder press, the Viking Push Press involves a dip and drive movement that utilizes the legs for additional power and momentum. This compound exercise not only targets the deltoids but also engages the triceps, core, and legs. The Viking Press's versatility allows you to increase the weight and challenge your muscles in a safe and effective manner.


Viking Press Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of your Viking Press training sessions, a practical tip to get the most out of your training is to focus on maintaining proper form throughout the exercise. This means keeping your back straight, engaging your core, and ensuring that your movements are controlled and deliberate. By maintaining proper form, you'll not only target the desired muscle groups more effectively but also reduce the risk of injury.

Another important aspect to consider is your breathing technique. Remember to exhale as you press the handles upward and inhale as you lower them back down. This controlled breathing pattern helps to stabilize your core and promotes optimal muscle engagement.

Don't rush your progression. Gradually increase the weight or resistance over time to challenge your muscles and promote continuous growth and strength development. Rushing the progression can lead to injury or plateauing in your training. Take your time, and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to ensure safe and effective results.


Safe and Effective


Part of what makes our version of the Viking Press so effective and unique is the option to use this machine isolaterally, meaning one side at a time. While this may seem to be unnecessarily time-consuming, research shows that always using both sides of the body simultaneously can create muscle imbalances as one side often compensates for the other. Taking advantage of the isolateral movement may reduce these muscle imbalances as you train specific muscle groups one side at a time, which can improve performance and reduce risk of injury in other sports and life activities.


Another variation that bumps our Viking Press to another level is the knurled handles with an unprecedented 13 positions to facilitate the most comfortable position to target each of the deltoids. Plus, the adjustable height empowers users of all heights to harness the effectiveness of this movement. The grip can be neutral or parallel, which is more shoulder and wrist-friendly than pressing a barbell overhead, where palms face forward. 


viking_press_3 viking_press_4


Here are the stats:


  • Starting Weight: 15 lb per arm
  • Width: 50.25’’, Height: 75’’, Length 56’’
  • Total weight - 365 lb


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