We’re Hiring | The Culture

We’re Hiring | The Culture

Arsenal Strength is a place to let your passion live out through your work. We want our team to be an inspiration to everyone we serve. At Arsenal Strength, it’s about each individual person bringing their skills and knowledge for the constant pursuit of excellence.

Here are a few highlights about Arsenal Strength’s culture and values, which are the core of how we operate:

Upbeat and Fast Paced Environment

We are a dynamic company culture that is eager to succeed. Individuals are motivated and have a lot of company pride. Our work environment is friendly and hardworking.

Casual Dress Code

We have a casual work environment, meaning every employee is allowed to dress comfortably for their role. We define our dress code as street casual, but some roles may require certain attire. 

Good Work/Life Balance

We encourage a healthy work environment. We also strive for a good work-life balance to help reduce stress and burnout. 

Always Evolving And Growing

At Arsenal Strength we are eager to push boundaries. If we are not adjusting or changing, we are not growing. Because we work in a fast paced, and competitive environment, we expect our team to have the same mentality. 

Open Door Policy

Open communication, feedback, and discussion between employees and managers is key. Our open door policy means that employees are free to talk with their manager at any time about any topic.

Company Lunches/Gatherings

Employees are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness. The company culture encourages meaningful interactions between each other by occasionally offering lunches, team gatherings, and events. We prioritize making all employees feel welcome.

Autonomous Workplace

We encourage our employees to make decisions independently and to have ownership over their work. Resulting in employees using their individual power to improve results.

Inspiring And Engaging Environment

We emphasize brainstorming, feedback, and innovation while collaborating on daily tasks. Being able to engage and communicate as a team helps everyone succeed in their individual roles.

To view current openings, visit Arsenal Strength Careers. Please reach out to Info@MyArsenalStrength.com or call 865.333.5444 for employment inquiries.

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