Why “Made In the USA” Matters More Than Ever

Why “Made In the USA” Matters More Than Ever

At the height of the Cold War, the rallying cry of automakers and industries was “Buy American!” Many hardworking men and women were concerned with losing their jobs to cheaper labor and supplies from Communist countries like China and Russia. However, the campaign didn’t work. Companies outsourced labor and bought from overseas markets to cut costs due to the rise of a global economy. The Buy American model crumbled, and many well-known companies, began stamping  their products with a “Made in China” label.


Supply chains and a rapid increase of overnight or 2-day shipping—brought about by e-commerce giants with a seemingly infinite selection of goods—allowed us ease and convenience as globalization continued. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the world—and our lives—changed. During lockdowns, we relied heavily on shipping and supply chain infrastructure while the world economy fell apart. Soon we saw diplomatic relations in China crumble and many manufactures began moving their companies stateside. Within the first quarter of 2020, China experienced its first recession. Currently, with the war in Ukraine, exports and manufacturing have stalled in Europe and Russia. The world that was once reliant on a global economy isn’t so anymore.

We’re certain you’ve noticed the lags in shipping and rising inflation, and wondered what can be done? American workers and manufacturers have always been the backbone of the U.S. economy in times past, and now, more than ever, we can help our neighbors and cities by purchasing products made in the United States. Because of the collapse of international trade and ongoing conflicts, plants are once more returning to the United States, creating jobs and also allowing less exploitation of cheap labor. Because of the long delays and manufacturing issues, when you keep products stateside, it helps America to become self-reliant and will allow for quicker turnaround within the coming years.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is that you get a quality product.

We like to joke about how refrigerators from the 1970s are still working, but our phones can’t withstand a few updates without crumbling, right? Because there are rigorous checks and balances for American-made products (and companies want to keep their clients happy), there’s better quality control when we keep our apparel, products, food, and gym equipment “Made in the USA.” That’s why—as a company—we’re proud to design, manufacture, and ship from Knoxville, Tennessee.

So perhaps we don’t need to rally around campaigns like “Buy American” but instead can proudly stamp our products “Made in the USA” knowing we’re helping our friends, families, neighbors, and the economy.


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