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Alpha Olympic Military Bench

Alpha Olympic Military Bench

A Standard Movement, Improved

The Arsenal Strength Alpha Military Olympic Bench has expanded  the Alpha Series and takes a standard movement to the next level. . While the Barbell Military Shoulder Press is common, our revolutionary breaker arm system gives the user a more advantageous position to unrack the bar. The oversized seat and back pad add extra comfort and support while using the equipment and the oversized plate storage means your members will have plenty of weight to utilize. The spotter platform comes standard with this item. Like most of our products, this piece can be customized with your brand’s colors and logo. 

The Breaker Arm System Means Better Alignment

One of the features that truly makes this the best Olympic Military Bench out there is the Breaker Arm System that swings forward and backward to prevent spinal stress while racking and unracking heavy weight. This piece is designed to take care of lifters who want to push the limits. Heavy weight on a Military Shoulder Press will often require awkward movements to get the bar in the correct position to start and end the lift. By having the rack swing into position it prevents over rotation, and reduces the strain on the shoulder joints and spine so that you can focus on building strength on your actual target muscle group. 

More Storage, More PRs

There are SIX storage weight horns (more than most out there) so you’ll have all the weight you can handle. The 7 gauge steel frame is more than capable of taking the beating, and you and your spotter will be ready to add weight quicker, with the additional plate storage, putting all your focus into reaching your goals. 

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