We’re Hiring | The Facility Upgrades

We’re Hiring | The Facility Upgrades

At Arsenal Strength, we want our employees to feel cared for and comfortable. Our facility upgrades offer our employees an enjoyable workspace so they can feel good while working.  We believe this can increase our productivity as a team and help maintain our high-quality standards. Below are just a few recent upgrades we added to our manufacturing floor to help support our workers. 

Manufacturing Floor Has A/C Installed

Arsenal Strength tries to give our employees the best working experience possible. We recently installed central cooling, which for those who have worked in manufacturing, is not a typical experience. This is to keep our plant cool during hot months so our employees feel more comfortable in their workspace. 

Healthy Meals Onsite 

We also keep a stock of low-cost, healthy lunch options from CleanEatz Café onsite so our team has non-fast food meals at the ready. We want our employees to be able to have quick, healthy meals, so we offer these fast-food alternatives to ensure they are eating well and can maximize their break without having to run out.

Clear Workflow

The Arsenal Strength manufacturing floor has been strategically designed to have a clear and linear workflow as our equipment moves through production. This makes it easier on our team to communicate, collaborate, and cross-train in different areas. Having clear stages that are outlined in the design of our manufacturing floor alleviate stress from our employees. Additionally, a necessary part of this workflow is giving our team adequate breaks to ensure their minds and bodies stay alert. We have our manufacturing down to a science, which helps us remain productive while controlling the quality of our product.  

To view current openings, visit Arsenal Strength Careers. Please reach out to Info@MyArsenalStrength.com or call 865.333.5444 for employment inquiries.

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