Every Gym Needs One | Arsenal Strength Reloaded Power Squat

Every Gym Needs One | Arsenal Strength Reloaded Power Squat


Gym owners know that creating the perfect atmosphere goes beyond just lighting, edgy colors, and a hard rock/metal playlist. Your members need the best equipment to reach their fitness goals and avoid plateaus. The Arsenal Strength Reloaded Power Squat is an essential piece for every gym.

Precision Engineering

In addition to the heavy-duty look of this plate-loaded machine,  features like range limiters, floating handles, encased linear bearings, and a biomechanics-based design set it apart from the competition. With band pegs and grip handles on each shoulder pad, the Reloaded Power Squat is the ultimate heavy-duty machine for clients of all levels. Plus, the oversized aluminum-coated tread plate with 15 degrees of movement provides multiple options for targeting different muscle groups.

Safety without Limitations

Free-weight squats can potentially work the same major muscle groups, but they require perfect form and a spotter to avoid injury with heavy weight. The Reloaded Power Squat offers superior safety with its fixed track and direction, without limiting your movement. Now you can experience the safest machine for classic power squats, hack squats, and GOOD MORNINGS -- without requiring a spotter. 

A Powerful Recovery Tool

Even the most seasoned weightlifters can face seasons of injury which can derail their progress. The Reloaded Power Squat offers a powerful solution, providing methods for preventing and rehabilitating injuries, allowing weightlifters to reach their full potential and continue their pursuit of excellence.  The racking lever is easy to reach, which means targeting specific muscle groups safely is possible, even in recovery. The machine stabilizes and bears part of the load, reducing strain on your axial skeleton, tendons, and ligaments.

The Specs:

  • Total Weight: 490 lb
  • Width: 53″ (w/ horns), 36″ (w/o horns), Height: 60″, Length: 80″
  • The footplate is 33”x 33”, covered with a 3/16” aluminum tread plate, and adjustable with 15 degrees of movement
  • One grip handle is mounted on each side of the shoulder pad frame for the user to grab for control
  • Total of two stop heights.
  • Rear frame has a dual weight horn mounted, one on each side for plate storage
  • Band pegs included
  • Four weight horns for storage

If you’re ready to take your gym to the next level, submit a form below with your questions to connect with our Sales Team. We are always available to provide answers.


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