Reloaded Glute Bridge | Now available for Quick Ship

Reloaded Glute Bridge | Now available for Quick Ship

The response to our Quick Ship drops has been incredible, so we are going to keep sending them your way.


We have the Reloaded Glute Bridge in stock and ready to ship to you. Once ordered, they will be delivered to you within a week. 


Our Quick Ship drops have been selling fast so you won't want to wait on this. The link below will take you directly to the individual product page to order. 


Reloaded Glute Bridge


Right now, these items are only available in the continental US and will be available in one colorway- the classic but edgy black frame and black upholstery.  

Product Summary:

The Arsenal Strength Reloaded Glute Bridge is truly a unique piece of equipment that allows the user to target the glutes and hamstrings. An adjustable angle platform, large rear roller pad, and a locking lap pad help to take the user through a proper full range of motion.

Key features:

  • The footplate is 33”x 33”, covered with 3/16” aluminum tread plate and adjustable with 15 degree of movement.
  • One grip handle is mounted on each side of the shoulder pad frame for user to grab for control
  • Starting Weight: 60 lbs


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