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Opening Your Own Gym: Intro

Opening Your Own Gym: Intro

Opening Your Own Gym: Intro

The purpose of this series of articles is to help prepare you for most of what you will encounter on the journey of opening up your own gym.  We will get in depth knowledge and viewpoints from industry experts to provide you with an insider’s perspective.  In this series, we will cover the main points in the gym design process.


First, you need to know what kind of gym are you? This is a tough question to answer, but probably one of the most important.  Who is your target market? Who do you want to come to your gym?  Are you a mainstream gym appealing to the masses or a hardcore gym appealing to bodybuilders and athletes? Are you a sports performance gym? Are you a hybrid gym appealing to multiple demographics? Once this question is answered, we will be able to start exploring and digging further into the gym design process.


  • LOCATION – Location. Location. Location. As we have all heard before, location is most important.  How true is that in the gym industry?  We will explore the ideas of different locations based on your gym needs, target demographic, and budget.  We will also bring in real estate professionals to weigh in on the importance of the gym location.
  • FINANCING – This part of the series will focus on exploring the options of the various types of financing available including bank loans, SBA loans, and leasing programs. We will get insights from leasing agents and loan officers to help educate you on this process.
  • EQUIPMENT SELECTION and AMENITIES – How do you fill your gym with the right strength training equipment and service offerings that will represent your target market?  What strength training equipment and services are top priority and which are lower priority?  We will explore these subjects with both gym owners and members to provide you with the best perspective for your personal gym design.
  • FACILITY DESIGN –  The layout and aesthetics of your gym can help to create an environment that is representative of your target market.  We will explore the best options/materials to attract your target market and provide functionality to your gym.  
  • MARKETING and PRESALE METHODS –  While your gym is being built and outfitted, your marketing needs to create the energy that your gym will possess at its completion.  Marketing experts and facility sales managers will provide input on the strategies and techniques they find successful in the gym industry.
  • GRAND OPENING DAY – We will examine how to use this important day to not only make a lasting impact in the community, but to establish what your gym represents.  Gym owners will weigh in on what they have found to be the best strategies to make the most out of a grand opening day.
  • MAINTAINING MOMENTUM/REINVESTING IN THE FACILITY –  An essential part of growing and maintaining your gym membership base is to have a plan to accommodate increased need in your gym.  This part of the series will discuss the importance of showing members your continued investment in the gym.  Successful gym owners will discuss different techniques and strategies they use to keep gym members happy and excited about the gym.  


The goal of this series is to provide you with insight and explore the options within the process of opening your new gym, whether it be a hybrid gym, hardcore gym or even a gym that appeals to everyone.   Just like the fact that all communities are unique, so are gyms.  There are no identical gyms and that’s part of what makes this industry so inspiring.  Every gym owner can have success bringing their vision to fruition.  They just have to start the process.


“Some journeys take us far from home.  Some adventures lead us to our destiny.”-C.S. Lewis



Brad Holt

Arsenal Strength

Vice President Sales & Business Development


(Pictured Above: Katy Hearn Gym)

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