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Increasing Gym Memberships in the New Year

Increasing Gym Memberships in the New Year

As gym owners we are always looking for ways to be innovative as the new year rolls in. This is an especially critical time to draw in new members as people explore options to help them achieve their recent resolutions. Also, this is a pivotal point to retain your current member base.

We’ve created 5 easy ways to increase memberships and give back to your current member base as the seasons change. We give you various ways to show new and current members that you have them in mind. These 5 ways to increase your membership vary in pricing and time, giving you multiple options to choose what’s best for you and your gym.

    • A new layout is a very cost effective way to revamp your facility. By adjusting your current gym layout, this gives you an opportunity to create better flow, highlight certain training areas or make more room around certain products.
  • CLEAN.
    • A simple solution to demonstrate to your current members and to new members is you care about your facility. Do a thoroughly cleaning of EVERYTHING, including the floors, equipment, accessories, windows and front desk area. You can hire a company to assist with the deep cleaning or rent a few cleaning supplies and do it yourself.
    • If your current sound system is sounding a little scratchy, or you don’t have a sound system, invest in one! There are a multitude of options to choose from and adding music to your gym is a good way to increase energy!
    • Is your wall space looking dated? Try adding some graphics to energize your facility and a way to easily revamp your space. Include a motivational quote, or a member showcase wall. If you have a leaderboard, include that as a great way to highlight your members’ achievements.
    • Purchasing new equipment is a great way to attract new members and get your current members excited. This could be a more costly option, depending on the type of equipment you’re choosing. There are a variety of options when thinking about adding additional equipment, including smaller items such as accessories to larger items such as a plate loaded strength piece or new cardio equipment.

Whichever you choose, it’s all a great start in providing new and current members something fresh and showing them your gym is member focused.

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