We’re Hiring | The Benefits

We’re Hiring | The Benefits

Arsenal Strength is more than an equipment company. We work with the world’s top facilities and top athletes. We want this company to be a place to let your passion live out through your work. At Arsenal Strength, it’s about each individual person bringing their skills and knowledge for the constant pursuit of excellence. Come join our team of elite individuals to continue to dominate the strength equipment industry.

Working for Arsenal Strength and its sister companies comes with a variety of benefits we feel are important to give our team members in exchange for their hard work. In addition to our good working conditions and competitive culture, Arsenal Strength prides itself on offering employees a combination of supplementary benefits that are eligible to all full-time employees – including time-off benefits, insurance benefits, and more.  

Here are a few of our key benefits we offer to our employees:   

401K Matching 

We believe in helping our employees save for retirement. For this reason, we match our employee’s 401K contributions up to a certain amount. 

Paid Time Off 

All regular full-time Arsenal Strength employees are entitled to accrue Paid Time Off (PTO). The amount of PTO varies depending on the employee’s employment classification and the length of their service. 

In addition to PTO, Arsenal Strength gives all our employees an additional seven days off for paid holidays. 

Arsenal Strength will pay their employees for Jury Duty leave to fulfill their obligation as a U.S. Citizen with the proper notice and documentation. We also recognize voting as a right for every citizen and will support our employees when they need time off to vote. 

Finally, we also offer PTO for those who unfortunately may need to take Bereavement Leave at any point throughout the year. The amount of PTO varies depending on the relative and situation. 

For additional PTO questions, feel free to reach out to the Arsenal Strength Human Resource Team. They will be happy to go into more detail regarding your potential employment package based on role and experience. 

Competitive Wages 

We offer competitive wages for all our employees, regardless of their past experience. Once hired, every employee is eligible for our Employee Compensation Plan. The plan provides our employees with a clear career path progression that comes with pay increase opportunities. 

Arsenal Strength also offers an annual bonus for all employees. 

Meals On Site 

In addition to compensation benefits and time-off, we want to ensure all of our employees have access to healthy and affordable lunches. For this reason, we offer healthy meals on-site that are available for purchase. The company makes no profit off these meals, so we sell them directly to you at face value – giving you a quick healthy meal at a low cost. 

We also have vending machines with snacks and drinks on-site for our employees to use throughout their shift. 

Our Future 

Our Human Resources Team is constantly studying and evaluating our benefits programs and policies to better serve our employees. Our policies have been carefully developed over the years, and as we continue to refine our benefits to keep up with our employee’s needs, please keep in mind that policies are subject to change. 

To view current openings, visit Arsenal Strength Careers. Please reach out to Info@MyArsenalStrength.com or call 865.333.5444 for all employment inquiries.

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