QUICKSHIP | What's next?

QUICKSHIP | What's next?

We Heard You Loud and Clear: Your Favorite Gym Equipment in One Week


The gym equipment industry in general has been facing long lead times since 2020.  We have been trying to solve this widespread issue head-on. We created a Quick Ship program and are making plans to keep several fan favorites in stock regularly.  


We heard you loud and clear. Custom products are great, but sometimes you just need something NOW. We worked countless hours and built a complete new infrastructure inside Arsenal Strength to help satisfy your demand and need for equipment FAST. 


Quick Ship - a new program to help our customers quickly


At Arsenal Strength, we keep our customers needs first. We love an encourage feedback. What we heard most was WE NEED PRODUCT FASTER. So, in March we kicked off Quick Ship, a program where we’ve made some of our most sought after and powerful products available to you by keeping them in stock with the classic, but edgy look of black pads on a black frame. 




Instead of looking at several weeks, or even months of lead time, this state-of-the-art equipment ships out in only a week. We’ve selected some of your favorite pieces to keep on standby and get them to you as soon as possible, keeping your members satisfied with your selection of equipment. The response so far indicates that you want more.


Which Gym Pieces Are Available for Quick Ship?


While we plan to offer many more of our biomechanically designed pieces through Quick Ship at some point, we’ve slowly built up our stock with six of your favorites based on the social media response


  • M-1 Standing Lateral Raise – simple to use, and highly effective in targeting the trapezius muscles in your upper back as well as the deltoid muscle group in your shoulders. As demonstrated in this video tutorial, this machine can be used for standing or leaning lateral raises, or for unilateral front raises.


  • Reloaded Incline Fly – provides a superior range of motion and feel. The lumbar curved bench serves to open up the chest through the movement, as well as support the shoulders. The response to this piece shows exactly how effective it is in working the pectoralis major, especially the clavicular head (upper chest). The deltoids and triceps also provide stabilization in the movement.


  • Reloaded Viking Press – provides the ability to focus on your deltoids and triceps more safely than with free weights, as the fixed track prevents falling weights in the case of a failed rep. As shown in this promo, this machine also allows the stabilizer muscles in your core and legs to work in the initial knee dip and drive to get the weight moving. 


  • Reloaded Lever Row – features width-adjustable, rotating handles to help the user with their upper back training (latissimus dorsi and rhomboids), secondarily engaging the shoulders and biceps. With an adjustable foot platform, this machine allows the user to properly position themselves during the movement, as demonstrated in this video


  • Reloaded Glute Bridge – a unique piece of equipment that allows the user to target the glutes and hamstrings more comfortably than with a traditional bar. An adjustable angle platform, large rear roller pad, and a locking lap pad sets up the user for the most powerful and effective movement.


  • Reloaded Pendulum Squat – boasts a wide range of motion, a large back pad to secure body placement, and seven gauge uprights for unit stability. Like most squat movements, this machine hones in on the quads, glutes, adductors, and hamstrings, as highlighted in this equipment spotlight

While we plan to replenish our inventory regularly, we are currently out of stock for each of these items — restocks are coming soon! Want to be the first to know when we have Quick Ship drops? Sign up here. 

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