XFL X Arsenal Strength | Making a Dream a Reality

XFL X Arsenal Strength |  Making a Dream a Reality

The XFL shows what grit and determination can accomplish. Despite the odds, the XFL just completed an exceptional first season, and the Arlington Renegades were named the Champions. 

The XFL has been years in the making and has faced many delays, including COVID and potential bankruptcy. Thankfully, a group of investors (including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia) felt like this opportunity was too big to miss. The culture around football is a living, breathing thing, and expanding on that only makes sense. This league gives great players an opportunity to pursue their athletic career if the NFL isn’t immediately an option, and gives fans more opportunities to watch their favorite players. 

The XFL has also allowed their players to transition into the NFL offseason programs, giving them a chance to prove their talents. Darren Evans was invited to The Broncos’ Training Camp, Jordan Miller to the Cowboys’, and Sal Cannella to the Falcons’. These players were from the Arlington Renegades alone. 


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To inspire gridiron level athletes who build viewership, you need a competitive training program and equipment that produces the strongest, most elite players possible.


Partners in Excellence

In 2022, Arsenal Strength was sought out from Sean Hayes, Director of Player Performance, and he explained what was needed to build the best training facility possible. Ultimately, Arsenal Strength provided the elite product base necessary and became the official Strength Training Partner, outfitting the state of the art mobile training tents and their permanent setup at Choctaw Stadium. Arsenal Strength was in good company next to Under Armour, and ZOA Energy Drinks, the other partners for the league.  

This recent tweet from the XFL, celebrates everything their coaches and players are accomplishing in the gym to build these world-class athletes.


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Creating a Culture of Empowerment

The Rock himself even showed his support in a recent social post.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 11.55.27 AM

With such high stakes for both the investors and the players, we are proud to partner with the XFL to maximize what the players can accomplish on and off the field. This new league selected Arsenal Strength to empower players and their dreams and ambitions. 

For more information on how to build a state of the art facility or to get more information on equipment, please connect with us by filling out the form below.


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