the 3 best pec fly & rear delt COMBO machines

the 3 best pec fly & rear delt COMBO machines

The pec fly/ rear delt machine is an essential piece of equipment found in every gym. It offers a highly effective way to target and strengthen both the pectoral muscles and the rear deltoids. This versatile machine enables gym-goers to isolate and engage these specific muscle groups, resulting in a comprehensive upper body workout.

By incorporating the pec fly/ rear delt machine into your exercise routine, you can significantly enhance your chest and shoulder development, improve your posture, and increase overall upper body strength. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, this machine provides a safe and controlled environment for performing exercises that specifically target these important muscle groups.

With the correct form and technique, you can sculpt well-defined chest and shoulder muscles, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing physique and improved functional strength. So, remember to include the pec fly/ rear delt machine in your workout routine during your next gym session. This will ensure optimal results and a well-balanced upper body.

There are many on the market, but which Pec fly/ rear delt machines are the best?

1.) Arsenal Strength M-1 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt 

After careful evaluation, it is clear that the Arsenal Strength M-1 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt machine stands out as the best choice when it comes to quality and durability. This remarkable piece of equipment is unrivaled in terms of performance and longevity, making it the top contender in the market. With its exceptional features and superior construction, the Arsenal Strength M-1 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt machine is undoubtedly the best investment for anyone looking to add a arm and shoulder work horse to their gym's line-up.

The Arsenal Strength M-1 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt machine offers a standard 300lb stack, providing ample resistance for a challenging workout. It features two different grip options that are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the wrists, ensuring a comfortable and safe exercise experience. The machine also provides a smooth range of motion, allowing for fluid and controlled movements that effectively target the pectoral muscles and rear deltoids. Furthermore, the adjustable seat height allows users to customize their position for optimal comfort and proper form. Overall, the Arsenal Strength M-1 Pec Fly/ Rear Delt machine is a top-notch choice for individuals seeking quality and durability in their gym equipment.


2.) Panatta - Peck Back


  • machine for training pectoral and deltoid muscles
  • magnetic pin to select the load
  • weight stack carter in transparent polycarbonate
  • illustrative chart

Technical Info

  • multifunctional machine: 2 machines in 1
  • height adjustable seat
  • backrest/chest rest with horizontal adjustment
  • range of motion: adjustable starting angle
  • cam to guarantee natural adaption of the load

3.) Atlantis - Pec / Rear delt fly combo

  • Self-aligning lever arms mounted on sealed bearings automatically adjust to user-defined path.
  • Multiple handgrip positions allow users to perform neutral grip flys and pronated grip rear deltoid movements.
  • Range of motion adjustments on overhead cams allow users to select desired starting point.


By mastering proper form and technique, you have the power to sculpt a strong and defined chest and shoulder muscles, leading to a physique that is not only visually appealing but also functionally strong. Don't forget to incorporate the pec fly/ rear delt machine into your workout routine during your next visit to the gym. This ensures that you achieve optimal results and maintain a well-balanced upper body. And when it comes to choosing the best pec fly/ rear delt machine, Arsenal Strength emerges as the unrivaled champion.


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